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    WatchedFolder Startpoint not writing documents in results...

    Paul_Kuhn Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a simple process with an WatchedFolder startpoint that picks up TIFF files and should convert those to PDF Files and save them in the results folder.


      To do this I have created an Input variable of type document and an Output variable of type document. The "Create PDF" service operation follows the WatchedFolder startpoint. The "Create PDF" service "Input Document" is the same input variable and the "Created Document" is the defined output variable.


      When I put TIFF files in the input folder on disc, the process picks up the documents, however converted documents are not stored in the "result" folder. Also there is nothing in the "failure" folder.


      Am I missing something here to make sure the converted documents are stored in the "result" folder?


      Thanks in advance!