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    Anyone know how to create a link to a "RDP" (remote desktop) application?


      Hi peeps!


      I need some help....


      I have a bunch of severs that I manage and I use "Remote Desktop" to get into them. I'd like to create a web page that I can just click on the server name and launch the remote desktop application to log on to that machine.


      For example, lets say that if I have a server named "Happy". I also have a file called "HAPPY.RDP" that I can click on and it will allow me to remotely connect to the server. I can open up the HAPPY.RDP file using notepad and it has all the parameters listed to connect to the "HAPPY" server.


      I tried to just create a link to "HAPPY.RPD" that looked like this....<a href="Happy.rpd">Happy Server</a>...but it didn't work.


      Anyone have any ideas on why this doesn't work and how to make it work?