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    Context-sensitive WebHelp topics opening in new tab not window per browser default


      hello everyone.  i am generating WebHelp using Robohelp 7. the developer i am working with is new to WebHelp but got the idea pretty quick. i generated a map and he set up the help link to call the correct topic from the application.


      at first he could not figure out how to display the navigation pane by default. but then we identified Windows > New Window in the Project Set-up pod and when i changed this from One Pane View to Two Pane View and regenerated the nav pane started coming up.


      the problem now is that despite my having unchecked the Use Default Browser Settings, WebHelp opens according to whatever is configured in the browser for "new window" links. for example in Firefox if Options > Tabs > Open new windows in a new tab instead is selected, WebHelp opens in a new tab.  same deal in IE.


      if anyone can tell me how to ensure that WebHelp always opens in a new window when the context-sensitive link is used i would very much appreciate it. i used Robohelp extensively some time ago but it has been a while and some of this stuff is not coming back to me.