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    Using DW CS5 for two people on one server


      We are a small 2 person shop.


      We have desided to use DW CS4 to edit or websites going forward.


      Being new to DW   I am a little confused on it terminknowlege


      We have a test webserver that we store all or code by site folders html php etc to test on before pushing it live.


      On the same server we have a publish directory.  This directory is a mirror of the test.


      We push the publish directory to our server farm once we copy the updated files from test folder to publish folder.


      Since or old Web tool as Database driven both myself and my co worker could edit the site by vesioning the db file.


      push the changes to our test folder on the server  and test test test.


      once the test and qa passed we would publish the same site to the publish directory.  Then using secure transport push the publish folder to our

      server farm for live.


      all this works well.


      The questions


      I plan to buy to copies of DW CS5 for myself on MAC and my coworker on Windows.



      Q1?    Can we both use our own copys of DW to edit in the test directory, then publish the changes via DW to our publish folder?


      I see you have a lcoal remote and test server on the Site config.


      I not use how this works.  but would I use the test site folder as my remote and my publish folder as the Test Server?


      Q2?  We need to both edit the site and do not want to store anything on our local desktops. All test and publish content needs to be on our test server.     Is this possible in DW CS5?




      Q3?  Is there any issues with us both using a MAC and PC version of DW CS5 on the same files?


      We do not need to check in out code since we both site in same office and know what each is doing.  I generally do the design layouts and my co working is the php person.  We do not put PHP in the html.  we do includes.




      bill s