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    positioning image?

    poorlostsoul Level 1

      I have two images in their own div tag but I'm not having any luck keeping them level with each other. The 2nd image want to jumps to the division below.


      I floated the 2nd image right and cleared left but this doesn't isn't keeping my image level with first image. I put the positioning as relative.


      This is what my division looks like. Is there anything I can do to move my image back up?


      <div id="servicesPhotos">
      <img src=file:///I|/Dreamweaver/bikes/assets/photos/bike_on_stand.jpg width="332" height="249" id="bike_on_stand" alt="Bike maintenance"/>
      <img src=file:///I|/Dreamweaver/bikes/assets/photos/wheel_service..jpg width="332" height="249" id="wheel_service" alt="Wheel truing" />


      #container #servicesPhotos #bike_on_stand {
      float: left;
      clear: right;


      #container #servicesPhotos #wheel_service {
      float: right;
      position: relative;
      clear: left;