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    Including an OEM license in a distibution image if you have licenses for all pcs?


      I am an IT consultant who does work with a company who is seeking to get in to image based deployements to ease the buren on IT staff when prepping a new PC for users.


      They want to create an image that can be used to be deployed to many new PCs.


      All of the new PCs are being purchased with OEM adobe acrobat bundled with the systems.


      Is it legal to use an OEM license as a part of the image if each individual station does have a license that was purchased with it?

      or will this cause issues as you're really distributing the same serial # to multiple computers?


      I'd think you need a volume license to do this or load adobe acrobat OEM after a system has been imaged but i wanted to confirm before raising this issue with the IT director who requested that we include adobe acrobat as a part of the image that will be used to deploy new systems.