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    ComboBox paddingTop


      I'm trying to add paddingTop to my combobox but apparently that style doesn't exist anymore. Why would they remove paddingTop and paddingBottom but keep paddingLeft and paddingRight??

      Does anyone have any advice on how to extend this component to add this capability? I looked at the ComboBox class and the only thing I found with the padding is the calculatePreferredSizeFromData function so I added a top padding but it doesn't seem to do anything. Heres the portion I modified.

      if (prompt)
      lineMetrics = measureText(prompt);

      maxW = Math.max(maxW, lineMetrics.width);
      maxH = Math.max(maxH, lineMetrics.height);

      maxW += getStyle("paddingLeft") + getStyle("paddingRight");

      maxH += this._top;

      Any Ideas?