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    Quick export question (i hope) for Reader


      I'm using the following button created in livecycle:


      form1.Submit::click - (JavaScript, client)



      In Acrobat Pro, I get a prompt to save the file as .xml (desired behavior)

      I have enabled the form with "extend features in adobe reader" using Pro and have the 'save as' menu item available in Reader, so I know that is working.


      However, when the export button is clicked in Reader, it flickers and does nothing.


      Any ideas on this one?


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          Charles Myers 4th Level 3

          From your description, I assume that you are reader-extending with Acrobat Pro, saving the rader-extended form, and then opening the form in Reader.

          If this is the case, you only have some of the possible reader extension rights.  The others are available through LiveCycle.


          The list of all possible rights are:

          1.OID_1. Form Fill-in
          2.OID_2. Form Import/Export
          3.OID_3. Form Add/Delete
          4.OID_4. Form Submit Stand-Alone
          5.OID_5. Spawn Template
          6.OID_6. Signature Modify
          7.OID_7. Annots AddDelModCopy
          8.OID_8. Annot Import/Export
          9.OID_9. BarcodePlaintext

          10.OID_10. AnnotsOnline
          11.OID_11. FormsOnline
          12.OID_12. EFModify

          You can probably deduce the use of the rights from the name.


          Acrobat Pro (8 and 9) enables 1,3,4,6,7,8.  The right that you need for exporting data is 2.


          Sorry... the use case you describe is outside the bounds of the expected use of Acrobat users.  In other words, it is by design; you should move up to LiveCycle and then start building processes and backend functionality around this as well.

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            rbw78 Level 1

            Thank you very much for your answer.  I'm not sure I understand, or maybe my question wasn't clear.. I'm developing a form in LiveCycle but I've used the extensions in Acrobat Pro to enable it for Reader.


            If these are available to turn on in LiveCycle, can you point me to some documentation on how to turn it on, or describe where these features are located?  I've combed through much of the documentation / help and haven't seen anything on this.


            Thanks for your help..

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              pguerett Level 6

              LiveCycle is a product line and not a specific product. You are referring to LiveCycle Designer to build your form. To be able to Reader Extend to allow for import/export of data you would need the LiveCycle Reader Extensions server product. It cannot be done in Designer or Acrobat. As this is a server product a full platform (Web application server, database) is needed. The good news is that you can download a trial version and use a turnkey install that will give you a JBoss server and a mySql database. The bad is that you need the proper server hardware to run all of this.