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    ES2 - Action Builder - Add Instance

    PBingrampc Level 1

      I just spent three hours on a plane trying to add an instance with Action Building with no luck. I have a two hour

      layover and then another three hour flight. I would love to figure this out! Does anyon have an example of a form

      with Add Instance that was created with Action Builder?


      Thanks - Patrick

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          pguerett Level 6

          Is your form saved as a dynamic form? Also is the root subform that holds the repeating section set to flowed? The fact that you did this through action builder means that the code is OK. so it must be form type or structure.



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            PBingrampc Level 1

            I know it's saved as dynamic, I'm pretty sure I have the flowed properties set properly.


            Here is what I am doing step by step.


            1. Draw a subform on the page.

            2. Draw a subform within that subform.

            3. Place a text field inside of #2

            4. Change the content of 1 to flowed

            5. Changed the Binding to "Repeat Subform for each data item"

            6. Set maximun count to 10 and the initial count to one.

            7. Added a button control outside of the subforms

            8. Ran the action builder on the button - when click add instance of #2 above.


            Guess what - it worked - duh - I need therapy....Thanks for listening!