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    PE8 is it a 64bit app?


      I'm still running on PE4 and now that I see PE8 is out and I'm on Win7 64bit I figure it's time for an upgrade.  I can't find any info on whether PE8 is finally a 64bit app though.  I'm running 8GB of RAM on Win7 and it would be nice to be able to use that for editing.  If it's not 64bit does anyone know if there is any chance that it eventually will be, in say PE9?  Maybe I should just grab a student edition of one of the suites when CS5 is released that has the full Premiere in it?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          No, PrE 8 is still a 32-bit program. PrE 9 will possibly be 64-bit.


          PrPro CS4 is still 32-bit, but has been optimized for 64-bit. The new CS5, introduced at NAB 2010 is 64-bit ONLY - no 32-bit version.


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            flyinion Level 1

            Thanks Bill.  Yeah I did some more looking and it looks like PE8 actually came out before Win7 and has had some issues with Win7?  Last time I looked which I didn't think was too long ago PE7 was the latest, but I guess it's been longer than I thought.  With CS5 supporting 64bit only and not know when PE9 would come or if it will be 64bit, I'm thinking a student edition suite with CS5 is probably the route I will go.  I could live without 64bit but I don't want to deal with OS compatability problems.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If things progress, as they have, PrE 9 should be released at the end of the 3rd Quarter, or early in the 4th Quarter of 2010. Now, I doubt that it will be 64-bit ONLY, like CS5 is, just because of the install-base. PrE is for a different market, than is PrPro. PrPro users are more likely to have dedicated workstations, and would think little of upgrading the OS, just to use the programs in some of the CS5 suites.


              Now, CS4 Photoshop has both a 32-bit and 64-bit version on the installation discs. I would anticipate that PrE 9 will either be 64-bit certified (like PrPro CS4 is), or will be an either/or, so the user could install the version required.


              Remember, those are all just guesses, as I have no specific knowledge, and can only extrapolate from previous introductions and earlier time schedules - PrE is right at a year, with release in time for the Holiday shopping season, while PrPro runs about 18 mos.


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                flyinion Level 1

                Ok thanks, it will be a few months before I'm ready anyway with $$$ so I might wait and see what happens.  Yeah I'm not looking for PE9 to be 64bit only, just for it to have a 64bit version like Photoshop having both as you mentioned.  It would sure be cheaper for me to buy a retail PE and a student Photoshop CS5 (the route I'd been hoping to go) than to move to a student Master Suite.  I'm running a student CS3 Web Design suite and PE4 right now but I don't really use anything in the suite besides PS.  I thought I was going to use dreamweaver and firefox at the time but ended up using something else instead.  I'd mainly wanted PS and it was "only" $80 more for the Web suite vs. stand alone PS.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I have Premiere Elements 8 and earlier versions and am on the verge of going from Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) to Windows 7 64 bit and have been gathering up bits of information which I think I have put together...not 100% confident on that and am still working on learning more. Please check out the following and let me know where I may have gone off the deep edge......


                  To follow up on Hunt's comments....Premiere Elements 8.0.1 is indeed a 32 bit application, and it runs in the 32 bit compatibiity mode of the 64 bit system and as such has the limitations of 32 bit, namely max 4 GB installed RAM (Physical Memory) supported with about 3 GB available. Virtual Memory (different from RAM Physical Memory) is characterized by a 4 GB allotment of virtual address space (2 GB for the application and 2 GB for the OS). The 2 GB allotment is per application and for the 32 bit application can be raised in 32 bit system to 3 GB with "IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_AWARE" and for the 32 bit application can be raised in a 64 bit system to 4 GB with "IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_AWARE". On the other hand, each virtual address space for each 64 bit application in a 64 bit system can be much higher with the "IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_AWARE" set.


                  This may seem a long way around, but here is the reason for the above wordy description. Premiere Elements 8.0.1 (the current version) and earlier versions have always been  32 bit applications. Although Premiere Pro CS4 maintained the status quo of 32 bit application, Adobe marketed it as 64 bit optimized. So what did that mean? Was this done by making more of the 64 bit system RAM (Physical Memory) above 4 GB supported? I think that I found my answer in some Premiere Pro CS4 write ups by Jan Ozer. My understanding of what he wrote was that the Premiere Pro CS4 was optimized for 64 bit by getting around the 4 GB virtual address space per application by dividing up the Premiere Pro CS4 in components (executables) so that each would be entitled to its own 4 GB virtual address space. So, Virtual Memory was in the optimization scheme, not RAM (Physical Memory). Typically no one knows what the next version of Premiere Elements will hold. I am wondering if Adobe will develop it, like Premiere Pro CS4, as a 32 bit application optimized for 64 bit as a show of advancement without taking the plunge in making it a 64 bit application for only $100 US dollars.


                  A frequent question is does Premiere Elements have a "IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_AWARE" flag in it header to make these increases in virtual address space possible. If I am not mixing apples and oranges, I think yes.  I have seen reports of users using the 3 GB Switch in Premiere Elements, 32 bit Windows XP and Vista (3 GB virtual address space for application and 1 GB virtual address space for OS) and have assumed that the "IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_AWARE" flag was part of that process.


                  If you want to take full advantage of your Windows 7 64 bit resources, you might want to take a look at the free 30 tryout of Premiere Pro CS5 (64 bit application) to see if it is worth it.