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    CS4 Trial


      I was thinking about buying Adobe After Effects CS5, but I wanted to try out the trial for it. Though Adobe hasn't released the trial for it yet. I know Adobe After Effects CS4 has a trial, but they took away the download link to it. Now does anyone know a way so I can have a free trial for Adobe After Effects CS4 because I just want to get used to the program. I hope someone can find a link to download it for me.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Honestly no idea. I tried to send anotehr person to Softpedia in another thread, but it seems the trial has completely disappeared overnight. So I guess you'll have to do some searching of your own.



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            iJayDee Level 1

            Alright thanks,


            I just wanted to try it because now that there's no trial idk how long it can take for the CS5 trial to come out. Thought thanks for letting me know.