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    Can you use objects as "cut outs" for other objects when they are only bitmaps?


      Hi, If this is possible, this would help me a TON.

      I am using Flash CS4 professional


      I will explain the issue. I have made a tree with a tree trunk and on top of the trunk I have made steps. I am making a Flash Game and you have to go up this steps to continue on the level, while being able to collide with the parts of the tree that aren't the steps. To do this, I would have to cut out the parts on the trunk that are the steps. I have already made the steps. It would take a long time to remake them when the trunk is isolated as a selection and delete the part. If there is a way to just put the already made steps on the bit map and then use it as some kind of cookie cutter-like thing, it would be VERY useful for many things. If something like this exists, or if there is any way to do something like this, PLEASE TELL ME !