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    Flex Builder 3 under Eclipse - project .settings problem


      I've been experiencing some odd problems with a project using FlexBuilder 3 plug-in with Eclipse.


      The first problem I've noticed is that a file under the .settings dir has a red 'x' beside it. The offending

      file is org.eclipse.jst.common.project.facet.core.prefs. I've left the file as is until I understand how it became corrupt.


      The second problem is that .as and .mxml files are no longer being opened in the Flex Builder editor -

      the are being opened in TextPad, which it the default editor outside of Flex Builder. I've tried all of the available

      editors and none of them work under Flex Builder.


      The third problem is that when I try to create a new Flex Builder project from New->Project-> there is no

      option for a FlexBuilder project.


      The Flex Development perspective is visible in the top right hand corner as usual. When I select Open Perspective

      there is no Flex perspective.


      Should I just reinstall the FlexBuilder plugin?