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    Saving External Text???

    chartoonz Level 1
      I have created a web page with a flash movie that gets its data (text only) from an external text document.

      I have two questions:

      1 in doing my load var I used absolute linking becuase I couldn't get relative links to work. Is there a way to get relative links?

      2. I want to create an admin page for the client that allows him to add to the text doc via a dynamic text movie. Can I
      a) get the content of the text doc
      b) store that in a variable,
      c) take his input and put it in a second variable
      d) add the second variable to the first--thus adding it to the list
      e) then save all the info as the text doc, overwriting it?
      If yes, what would the action script look like? I am out of my depth.