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    flash downloading blocks page nav

    Greg Dove Level 4
      I know my actionscript better than I know the browser environment, although I'm getting to grips with javascript because of the similarity. But some things like this are uncharted territory...

      With a couple of flv players downloading some 3Mb and 7Mb flvs after the web page has rendered, the page nav in the containing page is blocked. So a click on a nav button (not flash) in the will result in a new page load, but it waits until what I assume is one of two simulaneous http connection slots are freed up. This can take a while depending on the user's connection speed and is unusual/unexpected/sub-standard behaviour for a web page. Having the two videos loading simultaneously is a requirement rather than sequencing the loads.

      I know that browsers are limited to the number of simultaneous connections to a single domain for many reasons and that standards come into play. The flvs here are hosted at the same domain.

      I've built optional delay flashvars for each player to permitting staggering them somewhat but that's a guess at best and won't solve the problem for everyone and could disadvantage some with very fast connections. I should mention that the target user is a business client so broadband users and the requirement is that the videos are ready to play asap.
      I understand that placing the media in another domain is an option because the browser connections limit applies per domain. I also know you can change the settings for browsers to increase the connections per domain, but that's not helpful here... and that some browsers are less restrictive.

      What I would like to know is:
      Is there any simple way in flash to allow the regular html page nav to work as normal when flash has a stranglehold on the two simultaneous connections. Am I missing something obvious? TIA, GWD
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          clbeech Level 3
          I don't know man, I think I'm out of my element here, sound like a question for dz or kglad ;) I was just wondering if you could issue a command to immediately stop the players on a navbar selection, to free up the connection? Just a thought.
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            Greg Dove Level 4
            @clbeech: thanks for your reply.
            I've thought of things like using javascript via ExternalInterface to tell the players to change the contentPaths of the flvplaybacks to nonexistent files (I know that works for NetStream, don't know if it works for FLVPlayback). But I was only asked to work on the flash content for the page and if possible preferred to avoid making a requirement to add in extra js for the website developer and have the nav behave differently for that page. If that's the only way apart from using a separate domain for the media then I guess that's what I'll have to do.

            What I don't understand is why a browser page request doesn't over-ride the grip that flash has on the http connections... and perhaps there's something simple that I'm missing in either being able to do this or understanding the fundamentals of why it doesn't make sense to permit it in terms of how browsers work.

            Anyhow I can identify so far four solutions

            - other domain hosting of the content(not desirable)
            - configurable loading delays for starting the downloads (already in place, but not really a solution)
            - force single load queueing (not desirable)
            - javascript/ExternalInterface to tell flash players to "stop" download to free up connections

            Thanks again.GWD