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    How to close a form within script

    Matt FTW



      I'm using Adobe LiveCycle Designer v 8.2 to develop an Order form. I'm fairly new to developing in LiveCycle, and would like to ask the following question that I couldn't find an answer to elsewhere.


      I'd like to know if it is possible to close a form down within a script, if certain conditions are met/not met. Specifically, when my form loads I am testing the user's version of Acrobate Reader. If it is not above the stated version, I would like the form to close down. At the moment, it displays the warning message correctly but then continues to try and load the form.


      I guess the JavaScript equivalent of Me.Close() is what I am after





      (xfa.host.version < 8.101)


      xfa.host.messageBox("Your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is not recent enough to use this form.",

      "Wrong version of Adobe Acrobat", 1);

      //Code to close form to go here



      Can anyone help?