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    Can't install CF Builder

    Ernesto RA



      I've downloaded twice the CF Builder installation program for Windows (ColdFusionBuilder_1_WWEJ_win.exe) and tried to install it with no success. As long as I can see, my PC meet all system requirements: Windows XP SP3, Java SE 6, a 2.8 GHz processor, enough free memory and disk space. No Eclipse installed.


      When I double click the program, nothing seems to happen: no wizard window opened (no window opened at all), no error message. Neither the "This is an exe file..." security window is opened. If I take a look to the task administrator, there is indeed an ColdFusionBuilder_1_WWEJ_win.exe process, and briefly thereafter a cfbuilder_install.exe process appears. Then both processes disspaears, and nothig seems to happend. No questions asked, nothing in the Start menu, no changes in the Adobe program files directory. Just one thing: there is a "ColdFusion Builder" entry in the "Add or Remove programs" tool, and a bunch of files in the /unistall/ directory.No clue of what happened or where Builder has gone...


      It seems that InstallAnywhere tries a silent installation on its own and abort it at some point, or something similar....


      Any clue or suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks,

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          krishnapreddy_adobe Level 2

          Did you verify the checksum of the download and is it correct?

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            Ernesto RA Level 1

            No, I'm unable to find the MD5 for the installer. The MD5 for the downloaded file is 4B41A532CD739CF1E6F78BCFE100D6C5


            Sorry, I forget to mention I'm talking about the trial version.

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              krishnapreddy_adobe Level 2

              This is a correct checksum.Can you please remove the exising installation directory and try the following...

              Login as Administrator....make sure not to run any other heavy memory consuming processes and then try to reinstall...

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                Ernesto RA Level 1

                Thanks for your interest, krishnapreddy.

                I made the installation from an account with Administrator privileges, and even select the "Run as..." to run the program as administrator. It's a new computer, so there are quite few processes in memory, and I have stopped the heavier ones (CF9, MySQL...). I noticed that the installation program also

                installs an "Adobe Community Help" folder and Adobe AIR. I uninstalled both of them.

                Reinstalling I have noticed a few curious things: now when I double click the installer, the "This is an exe file..." security windows appears. After that, the same: no wizard, and when the installation proccesses stops, there is the "Adobe Community Help" folder, and the Uninstall one. Adobe AIR seems to work fine, and also Adobe Community Help (it just says it isn't correctly configured when opened). I have also find a installation log file, that says that installation was succesful, with just a non fatal error ???

                Most curious of all is that I made a complete disk search for the cfbuilder.exe file, and one was find... in a temporal directory. I execute it and it opened, loaded the workbench, and in a fast look seems to work fairly well, except for a "AMT Subsystem Failure", with an error code 1.

                I'm now suspecting that the problem could be in my OS settings: I have a spanish Windows XP, and my temp directory is "Documents and Settings\Ernesto RA\Configuración local\Temp\". Not sure, but perhaps the ó character in the path annoys Install Anywhere in some way and it can't move the files to the correct destination folder...

                But enough time devoted to this for today... I'll try a new installation on monday.


                Thanks you again for your suggestions.

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                  krishnapreddy_adobe Level 2

                  Cf Builder is not certified for Spanish OS.Still once I happened to check it on Spanish OS which worked(By default it is an English installation).

                  Inbetween make sure that you are installing CF Builder only as an Admin user.

                  If you can send the installation log file, we can better know about the cause of the issue.

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                    Ernesto RA Level 1

                    Some time ago I have installed the beta over a spanish Vista, with no problem. It sems it's my spanish XP what the installation program dislikes. I've also change the TMP directory variable to "Configuracion local" instead of "Configuración local", but that doesn't work either.


                    What is the prefered way to send the log file?



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                      krishnapreddy_adobe Level 2

                      You can just mail me the full install log file "Adobe_ColdFusion_Builder_InstallLog.log".

                      It just happened that the Spanish OS I was talking about was also Vista.