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    Developing With Flash Player in Rich Client Apps


      We are developing some of our Web-Applications with Adobe Flex 3. Some of the Flex components we use also in our Windows Rich Client. Up to now we realized that by embedding WebBrowser-Controls within our Windows-Dialogs (in C#). Now we have a designer application where the user should place several instruments on userdefined pages (not leading to missunderstanding that are no web pages they are shown in our windows rich client). When the pages a published for monitoring every instrument would be represented by a flex component encapsulated by the WebBrowser-Control. The problem is that every Control uses so much memory (about 20 MB) and the amount of displayed instruments is not limited.


      My next idea was using no Web-Control but the Flash Player ActiveX Control. The problem is the same. It seems that every Control runs its own Flash Player with its own memory. When I tried to instantiate Flash Player ActiveX Controls and loaded SWF-Files with nearly no content I had also a big memory increase for every instance.


      Have you any ideas to solve this problem? Is there a way using one shared flash player instance and how to share memory within the flash player generally?


      Another question is where is the sdk for this Flash Player ActiveX Control. I can't find it?


      Thanks in advance