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    CS5 upgrade help

    LonelyDead Level 1

      I have CS4 on my laptop and had the same one on a desktop,
      I sold my desktop and wiped it before i sold it so i don't
      know if that counts as uninstalling CS4 from a second computer?


      I want to get the upgrade but i'll need to get a new laptop
      so do i need to have CS4 installed on the new laptop for the upgrade to work?

      Will i have to uninstall it from my old laptop then?

      Also if i do have to install it on the new one, my CS4 is for windows vista,
      my new laptop will most likely be windows 7 because that's what they come with now,

      so will it still work?


      If i don't need to have my current version of CS on the new laptop

      then all is fine.

      Maybe i just need the serial  number?