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    Is Adobe Flex suitable to build a Multimedia Presentation?

      I am looking for some advice on the suitability of using Adobe Flex for building a Multimedia presentation system. I have watched numerous videos about Flex and even tried some tutorials but before I make a decision on Technologies for a project I am working on, I wanted to consult the Flex community for some advice.

      I have to take Multimedia Presentation made using PowerPoint and build it into a custom made Multimedia Presentation that has similar functionality. Would Adobe Flex would be a suitable tool? The Presentation must be viewable on the Internet and be deployed to the Desktop so combining Flex with Adobe AIR would be needed to meet this requirement.

      I guess the general requirements are as follows:-

      The user must be able to navigate forward and backward through pages of the presentation.
      The Presentation must be able to display Flash video's. When video is played, the video must open in a new window infront of the main application. Images and animated GIF'S must have the same functionality.

      Based on these requirements, would Flex be suitable?

      Thanks in advance for you help and advice.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          I think Flex would be very suitable for building a multimedia presentation system. Once you create your Flex app and generate the SWF file, you can post it on the web, or view it on the desltop, even without AIR. You could use view states to transition between pages, though you would have other options as well. You could display Flash videos easily, and I believe you could have the video open in a new top window. Same with images and gifs. Flex would be a very good choice I believe.