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    If someone knows...

    suludi81 Level 1

      Hi,i am currently in the process of learning Flex,and altough i have a few books i find it best to learn when i see a working example.All examples that i see  in my books are small(except in the Training from the source book).A few days ago i stumbled upon The Tech Labs site which has some great Flex tutorials in which real projects are made,so my question is if any of you knows some similar sites that has real and working examples of small-medium Flex applications.Any help would be very appreciated!!


      Thanks in advance,



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          MarkTaylor46 Level 2

          I had the same problem... trying to find whole application is hard... but..


          I found the Adobe Flex 3 Training from the source Book very very useful (even if you're learning flex4 a lot still applies). This book trains you with small pieces of development building up to an application that does most things you're going to need to with Flex. I really recommend this book to you.





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            suludi81 Level 1

            Thank you for your quick reply,but if you read my post again you will see that i mention Training from the source book which i own.It is a great book but it's goal is to build e-commerce site,which is great but i need something like Tech Labs-site with smaller working examples that you can then study and modifiyi for your own needs.

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              David_F57 Level 5



              There are lots of tutorials and videos out there, adobeTV has many resources, also next Month Adobe has a week of webinars specifically directed to developers.


              http://www.adobe.com/devnet/  - a good central reference point for Adobe platform users - look at the blog role several Adobe staff maintain quality blogs that are a great resource.


              http://tv.adobe.com/ - plenty of good stuff here.


              In this forum you will find tons of code, even small apps provided by the community to help the beginners.


              this is one of my small efforts that covers loading images and dragging them on to the main part of the application where you can resize/rotate them, most of these links are provided with source-you just right click on the app and select view source.





              And then when you get stuck you post on the issue you need help with and the community comes to your aid.




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                Matt Le Fevre Level 4

                if you're simply looking for examples of small-medium applications built in flex, it might be worth checking out ActiveDen under their Flex section. The majority of them have working demo examples with them, and it'll give you an idea about what flex is capable of doing, at a professional scale.


                unfortunely there is no source code provided (obviously), but still it really helped me get rolling, especially idea wise.