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    Is it feasible ?


      I have developed a control containing a chart.


      the code looks like :


                  width="100%" height="100%">
                      width="100%" height="100%"
                              categoryField="{properties.@categoryField}" />



      At initialization time, I want to be able to add many line series. ie add many <mx:LineSeries> XML nodes inside <mx:series>


      Is that possible ?


      The situation is that the control will know about its lineSeries only at loadTime. It can't be a precompiled info.

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          Sebastien V. Level 3

          The LineChart flexdoc tells me that series is an Array, so yes you can do that.

          Just create an Array of LineSeries, and set the LineChart series to this array :


          var mySeriesArray     :Array = // do whatever you need to here
          lineChart.series = mySeriesArray;