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    MX 7 CFObject multiplying returned value

      I've upgraded our customer's ColdFusion server from 4.5 to MX 7. It utilized a custom COM object (written in C++) which when called, returns a value. This worked under ColdFusion 4.5, and still works when used from .NET and VB application. However, now when called from ColdFusion MX 7 using cfobject tag, it returns value multply by 10000. So for $2.50 it return $25000.00.

      I never had such a weird issue, as ColdFusion is really good at backward compatibility. This isn't isolated to one computer, it's EVERY SERVER we upgraded to MX 7. Any ideas what's going on? To me, it appears to be a ColdFusion MX 7 bug. Maybe a casting issue now that ColdFusion is written using Java?