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    CS3 Color Customizer Help


      I'm trying to duplicate the customizer found here:


      http://www.reebokhockey.com/gear/products/goalie/customizers/product/premier-iii-sr-pro-cu stomizer/


      But make a few tweaks to it. I'm using CS3 and AS3 to build the file but really am a novice with working in any kind of action script. I was able to get the file this far:




      There are really 4 changes I'm trying to figure out.


      1. need to figure out the if statement that would change the color on the logo to white if the background was dark.

      2. need to figure out how to do the "embossed" colors which I assume would be an overlay of a graphic

      3. need to figure out how to get color names to show. I can get it display the hex numbers, but not sure how to change the name

      4. I'd like to eventually figure out how to have the color pickers transfer the color to an html dropdown. I actually wouldn't mind getting rid of the color box pickers if I could get the dropdown to feed the flash file.


      Are there any tutorials or online help sources that you'd suggest to accomplish these things?