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    Further questions about getStyleDeclaration() in FB4

    Daniel Freeman

      I previously asked about how to describe the following line SDK3.5 syntax in SDK4.0.  For example...


      something = StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration('.navigationBackground');  //SDK3.5




      StyleManager.getStyleManager(moduleFactory).getStyleDeclaration('.navigationBackground');  //SDK4.0


      This solution works fine inside any subclass of UIInterface, which has the public property moduleFactory.



      But, now I've come across some classes where I can't get at an instance of moduleFactory, and I'm not sure how to rewrite this syntax for SDK4.0.



      1. For example, inside a static function.  Someone on my team has written something like this...


      public static function myStaticFn():void



           something = StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration("ButtonScrollingCanvas");



      Inside a static class, I can't get hold of an instance of moduleFactory.  But then again, "ButtonScrollingCanvas" is global - so can I make an instance of moduleFactory... eg....


      var moduleFactory:IFlexModuleFactory = new ....erm, what? ... what's the class?

      something= StyleManager.getStyleManager(moduleFactory).getStyleDeclaration("ButtonScrollingCanvas");


      ... is this the syntax?  ... what's the class to make an instance of moduleFactory? .. will it work inside a static function?



      2. The second problem is getStyleDeclaration() inside a ProgrammaticSkin.  In SDK3.5, we could write...


      public class MySkin extends ProgrammaticSkin



           public function MySkin() {


                something = StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration('.navigationBackground');






      ... here, there is no moduleFactory.  But We're trying to pick up something defined globally in a css file again - so can I create an instance of moduleFactory again?