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    adobe prem / media encoder h.264 blu-ray jitters, flickers /w slow-mo




      using the Adobe Production Premium CS4 pack... hardware is not an issue, also all the latest updates are installed.. prem 4.2.1 (003), encoder


      after export and authoring, we are having strange glowing flickers, and bad slo-motion effect playback


      the problem seems to be consistent with slo-motion and time remapping, frame holds and especially when an additive dissolve is thrown in.


      the edit's are far from saturated with these effects, but a simple frame-hold with motion-rotation and motion-scale occurring with keyframes. the problem also happens with something as simple as a 30% speed/duration added onto a clip..


      the footage is captured and on a timeline at - 1440x1080 (1.3333) HD Anamorphic, 25fps (50i)

      the export profile after edit is - H.264 Blu-ray - 1440 x 1080i 25 High Quality


      i get the feeling the problem may be occurring as the footage is remaining as interlaced footage through-out and not being blended or discarded to progressive.

      i have tried making the footage progressive on export thinking it might solve the problem, but it turns out there is no such thing as progressive HD PAL in media encoder and encore


      i love adobe's workflow but we have never been fond of main-concept from the start with things like this, even Mpeg2-DVD exports come out softer than you'd expect


      any thoughts, light or general directions on what to do to help figure out the problem would be great..

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Thanks to Sony and the BR standards committee, there is no P version for PAL, only 24P. These guys never looked beyond the length of their nose to notice that the world is larger than NTSC countries only.


          Judging interlaced material on progressive monitors is far from ideal.


          For HD2SD Jeff Bellune has written a very good article on how to do that. Search for it.

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            aceleyace Level 1

            after around 30 small sample exports, builds and different renders... I have discovered the problem and am now on track to fixing it..


            it turns out certain adobe effects such as 'lighting effects' do NOT work well with slo-mo or frame held clips.. upon taking this one effect off, the clip looks flatter and less dynamic in context of my edit, but the clip plays normally no matter what the export settings, codec or format..


            what's hallarious is that these effects and edits export and author perfectly fine onto DVD through Mpeg2.. i guess they just flatten better etc.. i get the impression when Adobe started crafting their software for HD they just built on top of the normal effects etc they already had and expected them to work.. if only Premiere could get the updates, priority and attention Photoshop does..


            again, i love premiere's work flow, i just can't see how they can put the word 'Pro / Professional' near this software...


            many thanks all