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    Progressive scan problem

    Deaner77 Level 1

      OK...I think I screwed my project up. I normally film in interlaced format, but the camera was on progressive. Noticed it too late. Got back to my desk, created a progressive project in PP CS4. Went to Encore, used dynamic link and created a DVD. When I play it on a CRT television, the horizontal lines and diagonal lines in my video are jumpy/jittery. Is there a way to fix this?


      Would it fix it if I created a new interlaced project and copy/pasted the original timeline in the interlaced one? Is there something in encore I can do?


      I'm at a lose and in a bit of a panic. I'm on a time crunch.





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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure what is going on here but you could create progressive timeline and export to interlaced.

          See how that works.

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            Deaner77 Level 1

            Ann...great minds....


            I just finished trying that. I exported out of PPCS4:


            From my progressive timeline

            1. Progressive MPEG-2 DVD

            2. Progressive MPEG-2

            3. Interlaced MPEG-2DVD


            From my interlaced timeline with the sequence copy/pasted into it:

            4. Interlaced MPEG-2 DVD


            Burned them all in encore using seperate project and DVD's. They all look the same on the TV!


            Maybe my TV sucks.



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              Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

              Two suggestions:


              - make sure you're running 4.2.  There was specifically a fix for rendering from progressive to interlaced.

              - try turning off frame blending on the source footage (ie right-click on the clip(s) in the timeline to find that option)