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    Buddy API working on PC but not Mac

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      I'm having, what i hope is a simple problem. I've made a simple menu in Director MX2004 with a few options on, and when you click on one of the options, it simple opens up a folder in the same path as the projector file. I used Buddy API to do this using the following Lingo:

      on mouseUp me

        baOpenFile(the moviePath & "folder name","normal")



      Now this is working great on Windows but when I make a Mac projector, the links simply are not working.


      In the Xtras folder i've placed:


      • Buddy File Xtra.x32
      • Buddy API Xtra.x32
      • baMac.x32


      in the \Configuration\Cross Platform Resources\Macintosh\Xtras folder i've placed:


      • Buddy API OSX Xtra.data
      • Buddy API OSX Xtra.rsrc
      • Buddy API Xtra.cpio
      • Buddy File Xtra
      • Buddy File Xtra.data
      • Buddy File Xtra.rsrc


      and to the bottom of the xtrainfo.txt file i've added:


      [#namePPC:"Buddy API OSX Xtra", #nameW32:"Buddy API Xtra.x32"]
      [#namePPC:"Buddy API OSX Xtra", #nameW32:"baMac.x32"]
      [#namePPC:"Buddy File Xtra", #nameW32:"Buddy File Xtra.x32"]


      Can anyone see what i'm doing wrong and why its fine on a PC but not working on a Mac. Any help would be appreciated.