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    two buttons with different ids keep overwriting eachothers onclick


      My flex app has 2 different states ('Employee Results' and 'Place Results') all based on one original base state (so three total)

      I have a search button called searchbtn on one view state.

      I have a search button called searchbtn2 on another view state.

      They both are in their own unduplicated control bars, meaning I didn't copy and paste from one screen to the other.

      I have assigned an onclick event of currentState='Employee Results' to the searchBtn.

      I have assigned an onclick event of currentState='Place Results' to  the searchBtn2.


      The problem is this.

      When I assign the event to the searchBtn it works.

      When I go to the next view state and assign the event to searchBtn2, the searchBtn is overwritten with the same onclick that is in searchBtn2.


      Why is this happening and how do I get around it?