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    Animated gif color help


           Hello, I shot a sequence of photos for a stopmotion and have been having issues with color.  It was shot on a green screen and so I used keylight to remove it, made the sequence, it all looks fine in AE, render it and when I open it afterward, the colors are off and pixelated and just terrible. I've tried both web and system colors and am just lost. The adobehelp site says that you can make your own color palette in photoshop if you need it and so I made one, but when I browse for it in AE, it doesn't recognize the file. It's very frustrating. Please help!

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          What exactly do you do? Sounds like you don't even understand how the GIF format (or any palette based format for that matter) works and what the limitations are and thus are using a completely wrong workflow. Anyway, you cannot load custom swatches/ palettes in AE, since it doesn't have an indexed color mode. Futile exercise. For the rest: Render a normal Quicktime, AVI or image sequence, import it into Photoshop as a video layer. Then export via Save for Web and Devices or Device Central. Any palette adjustmens can best be done there.