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    Combining DV and 720p HD in one DVD

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      I mainly shoot home movies to DV but recently got a new Panasonic TZ10 which shoots reasonable HD AVCHD or Motion JPEG footage. I won't use the TZ10's video capacity much, except when I can't be bothered to carry a still and a video camera, but from time to time I'll shoot a clip or two using it. I edit in Premiere CS3 although I may upgrade later to CS5. What I periodically do is edit down the family footage and output the nicely edited result to DVD. So at the moment, in the absence of an HD TV, it is SD all the way.


      My question is, what is the best way to combine my DV camcorder footage (shooting widescreen PAL) with the footage from the still camera? Should I shoot in Motion JPEG or AVC HD? Should I convert the footage before doing anything with it or can premiere cope with inputting an unlike format and sort things out itself? I have Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate, which I think will take in HD and output SD. My workflow needs to be optimised for mostly DV but with some other formats thrown in.


      All pointers gratefully received.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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          For DVD, it is SD all the way.


          I do not know your converter, but it should work. Also, many cameras can down-rez to SD, when Captured. However, I doubt that your camera will allow this directly, as it is recording to flash media, and not to mini DV tape. Still, the camera might have an option for outputting to SD. The manual should cover this, if it is possible.


          As for the AVCHD vs MJPEG, if your computer is stout enough, CPU especially, the AVCHD might be the better. Much will depend on the MJPEG CODEC that you have installed. Two very popular ones are Morgan, and MainConcept.


          You might want to shoot test footage with each format/CODEC and judge the workflow and the quality.


          Good luck,



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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Motion Jpeg is much easier to handle than avchd. Just install the MJepg codec.

            Premiere can handle different formats on the timeline

            Your output is going to be dvd i assume so make the timelne dv pal/ntsc widescreen and export to mpeg2-dvd or DL to Encore.

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              Thanks very much for your helpful replies.


              I've done some testing - Ann is quite right that no conversion is required - just place the hd motion jpeg clips on the timeline and the media encoder does the rest when it renders the output. The encoding is much slower for the hd clips, presumably because it is resizing and adjusting frame rates, but it seems to work absolutely fine.


              Thank you very much



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                Good news, and thanks for reporting.