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    Presenter 7 LMS Reporting Capabilies


      I have a client who is considering moving to Presenter for a portion of their e-learning. We are reviewing the SCORM capabilites of Presenter and the Presenter guide says, " You can track the number of attempts, log correct and incorrect responses and send pass/fail data to Connect Pro Server."


      My client wants to know if it MUST be a Connect Pro Server that reports this detail. I have gotten their LMS to see the course as complete or incomplete and to report a score, but the client REALLY wants to be able to see the correct and incorrect responses.


      I realize I'm posting this in the Connect Pro thread, but I'm hoping someone here can tell me if this is a Connect Pro Server only feature.



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          Dr.C. Level 1

          We have used Presenter with both the Blackboard and Moodle LMS with no problem.

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            robva65 Level 2



            If I read your question correctly, the ability to capture the results at the "question level" is going to be a Connect feature for sure.


            As with Dr. C's response indicating that Moodle & Blackboard LMSs track Presenter content, I can also tell you that Presenter content is also tracked on Docent, Knowledge Planet &  GeoLearning LMS platforms, just to name a few.


            However, just understand that although Presenter content can pass SCORM data, it's ability to communicate which selection a learner picked to answer a question is a Connect feature that most of the other LMS platforms cannot account for.




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              Andrew Chemey Level 1

              Adobe Presenter most certainly sends question-level detail (formally known as interaction data) to any AICC or SCORM-compliant LMS as well as sending this same data to Adobe Connect.  This is of course, dependant on whether the LMS supports that level of detail tracking and you enable the tracking in Adobe Presenter properly (this is done by ensuring Report Answers is checked on each question in the Quiz Manager; and ensuring Report interactions and the score is set as the Reporting Level of the Reporting tab in the Quiz Manager.


              What is supported in Adobe Connect specifically is the display of the actual question stem and each of the question distractors in the reports of Adobe Connect.  However, this is maintained by a seperate external XML file and not the LMS tracking capabilities.  Presenter sends the same data to Adobe Connect as it does to any AICC/SCORM-compliant LMS for interaction data (essentially, it sends this type of data: "id,objectives,time,type,correct_responses,weighting,student_response,result,latency").