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    DividedBox Resize Issue


      Hi to all of you!


      I spent the last weeks evaluating whether AIR 2 will become the future platform for a pretty complex application of mine. So far, all my feasibility studies were successful, and yes I will turn from .NET to AIR.


      However, there is one thing I wasn't yet able to figure out:


      My GUI is made up (among other components) of a number of DividedBoxes. The DividedBoxes each contain an mx:Canvas with width="100%" and height="100%". An MXML component is added as a child to one of these Canvas', and this component has a pretty complex resize event function.


      My problem is: After the user moved the Divider, it may happen that endless resize events are being fired, instead of only one. Not to be misunderstood: I have liveDragging set to false.


      Does anybody have an idea how to get around this?


      I am using Flex 4, targeting AIR 2 Beta 2.


      Thanks and best regards