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    Dynamic Skins

    norrisoft Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am new to Flex and AS 3.0. I would like to place a skin.swf on a server and have several applications point to the same skin and update automatically at runtime after the skin is changed.


      First, I tried using an empty skin_shell.swf to take the place of the existing working skin. I place the existing working skin on a server and load the working skin at runtime. This seems like it should work but I don't know what path I should change the symbol reference in order to point to the symbols.


      Another method that I thought should work is:


      In the CSS I am embeding the skin (source = , symbol =, etc.). I place one version of the skin in the src folder and another on a remote server. For the one on the remote server, I change the symbol properties on each symbol to export for runtime sharing and then enter the URL to itself. On the skin in the src folder create a shell symbold to hold each symbol. The shell symbol is set up to export for ActionScript and the symbol it holds is set to Import for runtime sharing and I enter the URL of the skin on the remote server.


      I think either one of these methods should work but I am missing something. Or, am I completely off-base?