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    Cannot pass object from javascript to Flex

      Hi there
      I am trying to pass an object from javascript to flex and in firebug i see the following errors:
      Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert Object@1d782831 to Foobar
      http://localhost:3000/scripts/FABridge.js Line 617

      This is with Flexbuilder 3 beta.
      Actually if my object contains other objects I get a recursion error as follows:
      too much recursion Line 27
      callASMethod("0", "functionName", [Object type=4 value=Object])FABridge.js (line 322)
      (no name)()FABridge.js (line 473)
      sendDataToFlex(Object editable=true range=)tagg.js (line 194)

      Error calling method on NPObject! http://localhost:3000/scripts/FABridge.js Line 322
      retVal = this.target.invokeASMethod(objID, funcName, args);

      Any ideas why this error is happening and how I can fix it/work around it?