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    simulate table using div tags


      I'm using the following code, to simulate a 3R x 2C table:


      <div style="width:88px; float:left">Item 1</div>
      <div style="padding-bottom:3px; clear: right">Description 1</div>
      <div  style="width:88px; float:left">Item 2</div>
      <div style="padding-bottom:3px; clear: right">Description 2</div>
      <div  style="width:88px; float:left">Item 3</div>
      <div style="clear: right">Description 3</div>

      That's ok when each description is no more than one line. Is there a way to make the whole text of any description stay at the right of the corresponding Item even if it is more than one line?


      Is there another approach to simulate the table?