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    Using a free template - where do I put all the files?



      I've made most of a website using a template I downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/dreamweaver_custom_templates.html#templat es

      (it is number 1)


      Ok, so... I knew there was a bit of a problem because whenever I created a new page from template I would get the warning that the CSS sheet wasn't in the folder.

      Now I've put the site up to the server, all I get is the site structure. displayed.


      It all looks lovely on my computer of course.


      So where should all the files and folders that i downloaded from the link above go on my server?!

      I have had a look around and I can't find any information.


      It would be fantastic if someone could help before i pull my hair out.


      Thanks for taking the time to read.