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    Flash player 9.0.60 crash


      I have been trying out Flex Builder 3 to get the benefits of the profiler but i have been encountering some strange errors. I can manage to to profile simple applications (à la Hello World) but whenever i simply try to run our professional project, the flash player crashes and it bring down my browser process too (it does so whether i try to run it from the server, locally, in debug or in profile and wheter i try to acces it from IE7 or Firefox). The application was working without any problems on previous player version (I had the one that came with FB2 ... 1.0.28 i think it is).

      Here is the error message firefox displays:
      AppName: firefox.exe AppVer: 1.8.20070.25881 ModName: npswf32.dll
      ModVer: Offset: 001afb95

      If this can give any hints, our main application depends upon 2 other pre-builded flex 2 libraries.

      Note. I also tried to rebuild application in FB2, FB3 with flex2 sdk, FB3 with flex3 sdk, and FB3 with flex 3 sdk using the compatibility option with no success. So far, only way i found to get the application running is to roll back to previious player, but that keeps me from using the profiler.

      Any one has any ideas why this error occurs (or what this error is at all) ?

      Thanks !
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          I've finally found out what made the flash player crash; thus allowing me to debug & profile my application.

          It turns out that the player can't handle library class override ... in other words the application must not redeclare one of the library's class. So if you do not use classes hot fix to fix issues in the library you use, and there will be no problem.

          (What i mean is the if you have library "L" that declares class "c" under path "p" and that you need to be using a fixed version of class "c", you could copy the fixed class in your project under the path "p" and tell the compiler to use your version of the class, therefore allowing you to have fixed version of the library before having it being released; it worked perfectly with previous versions of the player, but not this one.)