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    willing to learn the best tool. what is it?


      I'm an experienced programmer with plenty of languages under my belt. I don't have a connection to ActionScript or Lingo and just need the best tool for my needs. I'm hoping for some guidance as I don't have experience yet with Director or Flash to really speak of (minimal at best).


      My application will run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Initially Linux will not be a factor but for growth it should be considered. The money maker is on Windows. I'm hoping to use a Director/Flash for the application's entire UI. This means interacting with the sound card (recording audio), using FTP, connecting to HTTP and parsing the return, dynamically loaded grids, and other native-like features. I'm willing to write C++ DLLs in any required signature means required if I can connect to the UI for bi-directional communication (push params, return values).


      I would also like to have some threading or thread-like options so I can request HTTP data in the background and not have the front-end user wait ... but rather give them an animation to watch. I do NOT need to have web presense for the application but it couldn't hurt.


      Performance is very important but most all UI elements will be fairly flat but with shaddows. There may be needs to adjust audio id3 tags and I'm ok with that being inside the adobe tool's script options or having the ability to call a function in a DLL to do the work.


      Please PLEASE let me know your recommendations. I'm willing to talk about more of the generalities of the project. I'm hoping to run this full-screen and have it be the only thing on the computer screen and have the other parts of the OS locked out.