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    Applying a template to existing pages; GL2DW conversion problem

    VL Branko Level 2

      Dear Friends,


      I am very new to DW so please be patient with me. I was a long time user of Adobe Golive (since 2000) and am finally making the transition to DW I am trying to make it as painless as possible. I have used the GL2DW extension to convert the GL site to DW and everything seems ok. OK that is until I checked the template behavior, it doesn’t behave properly. The reason I deduced is that the original template was created in GL 6 and then the site was converted to GL CS2. I noted that the templates created in GL 6 and converted to CS2 look different from templates natively done in GL CS2.


      Apparently the GL2DW extension can not properly convert such templates. It can only convert templates natively done in GL CS2.


      With that background here is my question: Should I go back to GL CS2 and make a new template and apply it to all the pages, and then convert to DW? Or, should I just do the same in DW CS4?


      The reason I ask is that we are talking about 100-200 pages, I am significantly more familiar with GL than with DW (understatement). I have no idea how difficult it would be in DW to make a template and then apply it site wide. Are there any DW tutorials that show how to apply a template to already existing pages?


      It would be a drag if I did the new templates in GL CS2 only to have the same problem in DW and then have to do it in DW anyway.


      Thank you for your help.




      I am running GL CS2 on a PC (XP pro) and DW CS4 on both PC and Mac (Leopard).