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    cfchart or webcharts3D


      Hi all,


      I am not sure if either cfchart or webcharts3D (comes with CF since MX 7, it is located in the charting folder in the cf installation directory) can handle what I want to do.  I am hoping that I would be able to get some pointers here.


      This Chart Ideal 1 is exactly how my client wants to see the chart.  However, I don't believe either cfchart or webcharts3D can handle multiple background colors.



      So, I am thinking about Chart Ideal 2.



      This is almost like a stacked bar chart.  The "X"'s are the markers.  However, in cfchart, markers are only available in 2D line, curve, or scatter; they are not available in bar charts.  And also, my client might want some text right next to the markers indicating what number the markers actually signify.


      The colors indicate different severity levels; so, the areas that the colors cover will ALWAYS be the same.


      Can anyone point me to the right directions on how this can be done in cfchart or webcharts3D?  Or should I use some other charting engine?


      Thanks in advance,