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    Working in code view selects whole blocks of text when a page is opened for the first time


      This is really annoying feature of dreamweaver, I assume it serves a purpose but I do not know what it is. If I open a document (I generally always work in code view) then select the area I wish to, say, copy and then press control and c, the whole block of code becomes selected (so my selection expands). That isn't what I selected so why does it do this? If I click outside the code view - on to css styles for example - then I can now select the lines of code I want and can work with the code as intended. If I save the document, tab to another document in dreamweaver and tab back again, the same happens. So, everytime I open a document I have to click CSS styles before I can work with the document as intended. I've been working with this for a while and it's go to the point where it makes me cry. It's not quite as annoying as working with the old ftp service but it's not far off.