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    Why is bad alignment happening when I go to my website?

    Peter Danko Level 1



      Go to   http://www.peterdanko.com/peterdanko.com/greenbelt2.html


      Please note on the bottom of the <div#right_text_column....there should be three text links: Pricing, belt colors, and finishing...and they should all be in a row....not a column like shown in the link above.  BTW..for what its worth, it looks ok in design view.  Could this also be why there is a green underline in line 6 of re: header_footer.css rules?  I've checked all my divs and as far as I can tell they look OK.



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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          <div>s are block level elements. They'll always occupy the full width of their containing element unless you style them otherwise.


          In this case, pricing, belt colors and finishing are three stacked <div>s each taking the full width of <div id="right_text_column">.


          You need to give them each a smaller width (say 30% each of the space), then float them next to each other




          #pricing, #finishes, #belt_samples {

               width: 30%;

               float: left;