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    Dreamweaver college assignment help


      Hey everyone

      I have an assignment for college to create a 5 page website in Dreamweaver and really have no idea what im doing. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I don't know the first thing about using dreamweaver. Could anyone create the website for me, I know its a LOT to ask but I really need help. I have enclosed the brief for the assignment below whats required. Any help is greatly appreciated



      Design, & Create a personal website for your professional development in your chosen career



      Design & create a professional website for an acquaintance

      Requirements of the layout:

      Use of a Navigation frame bar with logo & animated gif

      Roll over navigation buttons X 3 images per button

      Use of dividing tags with a stable footer for direct text links –using css style sheets –no blue underlined links

      Fully annotated site map

      Optional: You may include an openinganimation -this is not a requirement!




      Five pages minimum

      One page to contain image tumbnails with links to external large format images (gallery)

      Minimum of two video files –at least one embedded in .flv format (Adobe flash) and one embedded from an external video host (vimeo)

      Minimum of three audio files –at least one embedded in .mp3 format and one embedded from an external audio podcast host

      At least one page with a series of text based dynamic content using java scripting (spry)

      Anchors throughout corresponding to the sitemap