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    help needed


      okay I go way back with this sofwtare...so I am familar with it

      I my last version of Premiere Elements is 3.0

      last weekend YEH got a new computer

      64 bit with windows 7 and quad core

      now with my last version I did attempt to use it on the new computer and got quite far until I tried to change the color of my text GO FIGURE


      I downloaded the trial version of PE 8.0

      now I go to use it and a black bar is saying THIS MOVIE WAS MADE USING TRIAL VERSION OF PE 9.0 or something like that

      is all the way through my video in the middle of the screen, never had this before on trial versions

      is this what you now get with the trial version, is there a way around this

      or is there something I do not know, like how to take it off????


      hope help is on the way



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          That watermark has been around with the trial version for quite some time. That is the ONLY limitation of the trial version, and the solution, once one purchases and installs the full-version, is covered in this FAQ Entry.


          Good luck,



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            fotophun Level 1

            this is just ridiculous

            how do they expect you to trial it???

            I might just not purchase the new one, this just frosts me

            Might have to figure another way to burn my disks

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Well, most people do several test Projects, work with their normal types of Assets, apply Effects, Titles and put the program through its paces. The trial is not meant to do completed Projects, but to give the program a "trial."


              Most feel that PrE does the trial better than "big-brother," PrPro. In that program, EVERYTHING related to MPEG is disabled - no MP3, no Export to MPEG-2, no AVCHD, or MP4 - nothing related to MPEG. They complain that they cannot test the program.


              The lack of MPEG support is due to the licensing of the CODEC's from MainConcept. They charge Adobe a fee for every installation of the CODEC. In PrPro, Adobe just does not install the MainConcept CODEC's. In PrE, Adobe gets around this by doing the watermark, but allowing full functionality. As the watermark can be removed from the Project, once the program is purchased, is a good thing, as the work down in the trial is not lost. It is just not usable until one buys the program.


              Many companies that sell stock assets watermark their demo material. For Audio, they usually add a statement, like "demo" added to the trial sound file, over and over. For stock motion footage, a watermark will appear. Same for still images from stock suppliers. There will usually be a large © symbol, right in the middle of the screen.


              The idea of a trial is to allow potential buyers to try out the software. It is not designed to provide a user with 30 days of free editing.


              Recently in another forum, a user was trying to do a Project by using the trial of a dozen pieces of software, to keep from paying for any. That user was upset that PrPro had no MPEG support, though another trial program did. "How can I complete my Project? The trial for AVID has run out, and now I need to use another program in trial for the 30 days. What was Adobe thinking by not allowing me to edit completely and not buying their program, or those of other companies? I need to get this Project done - someone help me?" The answer was to hire someone, who had bought the program, and did editing commercially.


              Might have to figure another way to burn my disks

              I see three possibilities:


              1.) buy the Adobe program. Adobe offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee, so that is like a limited trial, and then a full trial with a total of 60 days of use.


              2.) test your DVD's with the watermark. That will tell you whether PrE can do what you want, but you will obviously be limited to just a "trail" DVD, due to the watermark.


              3.) buy another NLE program, and start over.


              Sorry for the bad news, but that is the way it is.


              Good luck,