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    Help! Invoking the same Web Service from multiple mxml components




      I'm building an application that interacts with a Web Service.  The application (App A) has a tabNavigator with two tabs (Tab1 and Tab2).  Tab1 contains a custom component (Comp A) and Tab2 contains another custom component (Comp B). Tab1 is the first tab, and Tab2 is the second tab.


      Comp A and Comp B each handles the "creationComplete" event by invoking an operation, Op1,  of the Web Service.


      The problem is, when App A starts up, Comp B can successfully invoke Op1 in its creationComplete handler, but Comp A cannot.  In fact, Comp A's call to Op1 does not return.  Comp A is created before Comp B.


      If the application has only one tab (either Tab1 or Tab2), each Comp can successfully invoke Op1 at application start-up.


      Comp A and Comp B each has its own declaration section for the Web Service and CallResponder for Op1.


      I'm using the trial version of Flex Builder 4 and new to flex application development.  Any help in debugging this problem would be greatly appreciated.


      Much thanks,