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    Migrating to 11.5

      I purchased Dir 11.5 about a year ago and every time I try to d the switch from 8.5, I get discouraged by seemingly elemental problems.  For example,  I can use Msg box to do (put "hello") but when I try that from a script in a button nothing happens!!!.  I doesn't work even if I use the new syntax (Put("hello").  Many other things like trapping keys and showing and hiding sprites won't work as well.  I must be doing something wrong but I wonder if this is common experience.
      Is there a good reference for learning the key lingo differenences between 8.5 (which is now second nature to me) and 11.5?  Any tips on how to migrate smoothly?
      Many thanks,
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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          The thing with the buttons is a common problem.  The new flash buttons are very wonky.  These were introduced in Director 10 I think.  If you go to Insert, Control, Push Button, then you will get the button you were expecting and it will work like it should.  If you want to use the newer Flash button, then you have to click on it, then go into the Property Inspector, Flash Component tab, and set the eventPassMode to #passAlways.


          There are a few differences between the rather old version you are using and the newer version, but I don't know if there is any single place that show a coparison or upgrade guide.  You could start with the What's New stuff for Director 11 and 11.5 in the help file and Adobe's site.  That is where most of the new stuff came in.  Apart from that, just ask questions here and we'll try to help.