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    DataGrid Urgent Help Required

    Tolk Level 1
      I'm finding working with the dataGrid component really unintuitive. Basically I have a dataGrid which i'm populating dynamically at run time.
      I don't know the names and number of columns and rows that are going to be added at the time of writing code. I need to be able to read the values accross a selected or row or column. i.e. if user selects row x and selects an option (this cause calculate mean or something from values) then i need to be able to return all the values across row x. The same goes for columns.
      I tried using an array dataProvider but this did not simplify things as I believe you can't use a 2d array so I had to use an array of objects (as i dont know number of or name of the properties in each object it makes accessing specific values very hard). I hope that' clear. Any work arounds / solutions?