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    Most probably something really simple...

      First off, I did a webpage for the company im working for last year using a 10year old webpage as base of information for the new site. And its somewhat of a copy and paste solution.
      Now its tome for a remake/update of it. I want to reconstruct it so that you have a better overview of the site.
      Im using Dreamweaver 8

      Heres the problem and what i would like to happend; While hovering with the mouse over the navigationbar i want it to
      display a image of the choice in a diffrent location, for every button a diffrent image, but still displayed in the same frame.
      This is something that i want to try and incooporate into the whole site, using "thumbnails" of our products and while hovering over each one there will be anothere frame displaying the product info of each thumbnail.

      I've been looking at the Livedocs and cant seem to find anything that helps me on this, the only thing i can find is the rollover image effect, and thats not what i want to do. maybe somewhat, but in separate locations.
      Any help i can get on this will be greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards Pelle