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    Netstream and button commands as2


      Hello all!


      I am creating a video player that loads the video with netstream. The play/pause button actually positions itself where the scrubber would be and thus you can use it to scrub the video. I have managed to make the button play/pause when you click it, only problem is that when you drag the button and let go, it pauses the video. I want it to continue playing after dragging the scrubber/play button. is there anything that i could use to do this rather than an on(release) or on(Press) function?


      There are also links to other videos which load into the same playback window. I will create a back to 'main video' button, but how can I make the original video remember where it got to before the other button link was clicked - and start playing from where it left off?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!?


      Thank you


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For the first issue you could try using a variable that you store the position of the buttons/scrubber anytime interaction is initiated, and if the position value changes when the closing interaction occurs, then do not allow the pause to occur.


          For the second issue, you should be able to have a variable for that as well that you use to store the current time value of the main video whenever it gets interupted by selection of another video.  You can use that time as a starting point for the video when it starts again.  Look into the various properties and methods of the NetStream class to see what supports it.